Dr Jones is absolutely incredible. The other mental health providers I had in the past had methodologies that turned me off of getting a new one for 20 years. Dr. Jones is so empathetic, open-minded, and makes me feel understood. She has been absolutely fantastic in getting my anxiety under control and works with me as a team to find solutions. She is so caring and sweet with the way she treats her patients. I could not be happier with her care.

Jazmin T.

Honestly, the best decision I've ever made was to address my mental health. Today was my first appointment and I must say I was completely taken away. I could tell that Dr. Jones is very knowledgeable and truly cares about my wellbeing. I felt very comfortable opening up to her about my issues and felt she truly cares about helping me live a better healthy life physically and mentally. This is by far the best experience I've had with a Psychiatrist. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone I know. Thank you, Dr. Jones!



Character, Attitude , Loyalty, Dedication and Kindness, traits to live by! Thank you for all that you do!



Dear Dr. Jones, the last thing you said to me sums everything up so eloquently, "Christy we've been on a journey you and I." Thank you I care very deeply for you.

Christy V.

Responsible for who I am

You are not only so cool Dr. Jones, but you are responsible for who I am today, I can't thank you enough

Larry J.

Dr. Jones is more than a Psychiatrist... she is a friend that truly "Sees" me and my potential. She continues to work closely with me to build a bond and trust. I am a Registered Nurse that found myself facing harsh penalties from the Board of Nursing due to my mood disorder & alcoholism. DR Jones helped me navigate the professional board requirements, keep my license, and build a life of sobriety. I am now 2-1/2 years sober, maintaining balance both professionally and personally. I am forever grateful to Dr. Jones for her care and support! I love you Dr Jones!


I've seen a lot of of people for my mental health but few have cared so much and really tried to figure out what is the best for me. I'm so happy I found her.


Dr. Jones is the first doctor who I feel is truly genuine in being concerned and caring for me. I have never felt more comfortable or safe with someone. Dr. Jones has helped me beyond believe this past year. I was an absolute mess when I first found her. Now, about nine months later, I'm a different person. She helps me talk through my issues and has given me hope in being able to be happy again. With the right combination of medication and her guidance, I am in a great place. I'm a better mom, a better daughter, and a better friend. I highly recommend you see Dr. Jones if you need a Psychiatrist. She can change your life just like she changed mine


Forever Grateful

Thank you so much Dr. Jones for all of your assistance in helping me, I am forever grateful to you.

Anonymous Patient

Pleasant Experience

I have had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Jones. She is very compassionate and professional. She is prompt in responding to emails and calls even when it is outside her office hours.


Educating Me

Thank you Dr Jones for always properly educating me about medications and their exact benefits and drawbacks. Thank you also for giving me thorough answers and analysis on all things! I value your insight and strongly believe you do great things for your clients!


Attentive and Professional

In my quest to find a new provider during the end of the year/holiday season I found Dr. Jones on Psychology Today website. Dr. Jones extended her professional services to me in my time of need. I found her to be very welcoming and easy to relay my needs too. As a doctor she has been very attentive and professional with my medical needs. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking a qualified physician

Anonymous Patient

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