People say that respect is “earned”, but sometimes that means that the person desiring respect, has to demean themselves to “earn” respect from the marionettist. Be right with yourself, true to yourself, and respect yourself first, and others will notice; do not allow others to disrespect you in your desire to “earn” their respect.

Forgive yourself for not knowing what you know today, because who you are today, would not allow you to repeat the horrors of the past. Forgiveness of self allows your bright light to continue sihining; keep moving forward as, “yesterday is a closing door, you don’t live there anymore”.

Silence the chatter of the mind, the ego’s attempt to interfere with your plan. The ego may be likened to the frivolous antics of the chimpanzee, and may skillfully dissuade your inherent belief in self-determination. #PsychUnlimited

The gift of the present moment begins with not remaining a prisoner of the past, not allowing the past to become our sole identity, as to live the freshness of the moment is a cleansing gift……now just breath. #pscyhunlimited

Forgiveness of past doings inflicted upon self or by others induces a profound sense of freedom from anger, shame, guilt and disgrace; allow your soul to be unclutter in preparation for this euphoricmoment.

Think of the vastness, infinity of the universe and attempt to view…find…. yourself on earth from this vastness…… then allow yourself to become accepting and still. Although you are a powerful energy source in your locale, in comparison, we are indistinguishable, be still, be accepting and allow yourself to become one with infinite spirit. #infinity

In each moment of consciousness, an old moment passes and a new moment is birthed; stay present in the gift of each moment.

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